Amperes, Volts, Watts, Horsepower, BTUs

The many measures used in discussing energy, power and heat are all related and are not that complicated when you take a close look at them. After this you should know what a kWh is. If not, read more about kWh.

Brief overview

1 watt = 1 volt X 1 ampere
1 watt = 3.41 BTU
746 watts = 1 horsepower

Volt: Measure of electrical potential
Ampere: Measure of current.

Measures of power

Measures of energy

Measures of heat

To Convert a measure of Into Use this equation:
Kilowatts Watts Kilowatts x 1000
Watts Kilowatts Watts x 0.001
Megawatts Kilowatts Megawatts x 1000
Kilowatts Megawatts Kilowatts x 0.001
Gigawatts Megawatts Gigawatts x 1000
Megawatts Gigawatts Megawatts x .001
Gigawatts Watts Gigawatts x 1 billion
Watts Btu/hour Watts x 3.413
Btu/hour Watts Btu/hour x 0.293
Kilowatts Btu/hour Kilowatts x 3414
Btu/hour Kilowatts Btu/hour x 0.000293
Watts Horsepower Watts x 0.00134
Horsepower Watts Horsepower x 746
Kilowatts Horsepower Kilowatts x 1.34
Horsepower Kilowatts Horsepower x 0.746

You can do the math with a calculator, or forget all this and download a conversion tool.

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