Canadian Solar

One of the world's largest solar companies, Canadian Solar is a leading provider of solar cell technologies including ingots, wafers, solar modules, solar panels and other solar applications. Canadian Solar was founded in Ontario, Canada in 2001 and has established itself as the go-to source for solar system solutions in North America, Europe and Asia. They have entered the markets in these areas with a strongly competitive reputation for high quality, cost effective and results oriented attention to detail when working with the customer. Although Canadian Solar serves the solar needs of over 30 countries and across three continents, it is their solid financial history and frugal reputation for the best product at the best price that has fueled this robust growth.

Manufacturing various solar modules, Canadian Solar produces both poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline solar cells ranging from 5W to 300W. Canadian Solar products are thoroughly tested to ensure that they can withstand the stress of extreme weather and outdoor environments.

Nevertheless, their products' durability and resilience to weather the storm wouldn't matter if the parts weren't so easy to transport and install. Canadian Solar has made each step of a solar energy project from research to installation as hassle free as possible. Their research and development department has tested the parts and the installation process thoroughly, to ensure that each step won't hold any surprises.

Known for quality, Canadian Solar modules contain high-transmission special tempered glass, EVA Layers and UV/weather/dielectric resistance backsheets, which lead to durability under harsh weather conditions. Canadian Solar modules are made with self-supporting anodized aluminum frames that are designed to make moving and mounting the modules easy and efficient.

Canadian Solar has a strong commitment to their customers and strives to make solar energy as affordable and reliable as possible. Their customer service department will work diligently to answer your questions and issues. Likewise, they realize that their customers need solutions and they need them right away, so Canadian Solar has worked hard to locate a secure supply chain for their parts and products.

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