Choosing a solar PV provider

When choosing a solar energy system supplier, you will want to have an experienced solar system installer. Solar energy has been around for several decades now, and there are many people who are experts in the field.

You will also want to be assured of good business practices from your solar electricity system installer. Dealers are separate from manufacturers and other middlemen in that they are there to help. A solar dealer will be full of useful information, and it will be in your own best interest to learn as much from your solar energy system installer or supplier.

Here are basic tips for finding and consulting with a solar power system dealer:

If possible, go local

A dealer who is close to your home or site location will likely know much more about your local weather and sun conditions, sunshine availability and other relevant aspects.

Of course, you will want an honest dealer with reliable knowledge of the system being installed.

Consider cost, with caution

Cost is a factor for everyone, but here's an important caution in choosing a solar energy supplier: not everybody is quoting you on the same system. In fact, we have a full list of considerations in choosing among competing bids.

Get catalogues from your dealer

These will be full of helpful information about solar energy and solar power even if they do not have the products you think you want.

There's no such thing as knowing too much about your home's solar energy system.

Here is a further list of important questions to ask any solar energy dealer:

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