Solar Electric Systems and Insurance

You have to consider the needs of two organizations: the utility company, and your insurance company.

Your utility company will very likely want to know what insurance overage you have (among other things). Most standard homeowner's insurance policies will adequately meet their needs, but in some states, utility companies may require additional coverage before they allow you to install a solar electricity system.

The utility company will also need to be informed, if you are grid inter tied.

You may also be pleasantly surprised to find that they have net metering.

Your insurance company should be contacted. You will probably find that your solar energy system will be covered for damage.

Solar thermal systems will likely be automatically covered-for everything but your own negligence (for example, damage due to freezing). This applies to solar pool heaters, too.

You may find that your insurance company is unwilling to insure your solar PV system or they might make it very costly. If so, shop around for a company that is solar-friendly.

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