Isofoton is a Spanish company, the biggest solar photovoltaic manufacturer in Europe. They have recently taken some very big steps toward integrating themselves into the North American market.

Isofoton is committed to producing mono crystalline cells, and they are the largest producer of this type of solar cell worldwide. Mono crystalline is the most efficient (and also the most expensive) solar cell-- the original solar cell.

The Spanish Solar Company

Isofoton is the eighth largest PV manufacturer in the world. Begun in Malaga, Spain, in 1981, Isofoton was originally a project of Antonio Luque, a professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Like many other leaders in solar manufacturing, it has experienced very strong growth in the last decade. Isofoton's new facility in Malaga (to be completed in 2005) will increase its capacity form 65mW to over 100mW.

Isofoton is also involved in large sale and small scale solar thermal projects. Because it is Spanish, it has a strong foothold in many South American countries.

Worldwide, Isofoton has a presence in over 50 countries around the world.

Breaking New Ground

Isofoton's recent foray into the North American market was easy, as the company is certified by many of the most prestigious institutions worldwide (such as ISO, UL and others). Its entry into the US market runs somewhat contrary to recent industry trends, as many manufacturers are switching operation overseas where there is a bigger market and better profit margins.

Like a number of other solar manufacturers, Isofoton Solar has experienced very strong growth (as much as 50% in one year) over the least decade and looks to solar's bright future for more profits in an ever-expanding market.

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