Kyocera Solar

Kyocera Solar is the maker of a wide variety of solar photovoltaic products. They create solar photovoltaic systems sold through a worldwide network of distributors and dealers, and they handle large commercial installations directly.

A Leader in Solar and Other Industries

For consumers, Kyocera solar makes water pumping stations, portable panels for RV and marine systems and system installations for remote homes. Their large commercial solar installations include government buildings such as the Chula Vista Police Department in California (38kW) and the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge in Yuma, Arizona (17kW).

Kyocera manufactures a diverse line of products, from wireless phones to kitchen products. It is a leader in solar energy products with a large vertically integrated supply chain. Kyocera is able to serve customers in both the developed and developing worlds. Kyocera has American headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Kyocera Solar: Making History

Throughout its history, Kyocera Corporation has been interested in solar and has had close ties to research and innovation in solar power and solar photovoltaic technology. Interestingly, the company began in Kyoto, Japan, in 1959. In 1975, Kyocera helped organize the Japan Solar Energy Corporation and instigated intensive research into solar cells.

In 1984, Kyocera introduced the idea of road signs that incorporate solar cells. In 1998, Kyocera took over as the world's largest manufacturer of solar modules.

Today, it remains a leader in the solar industry. Kyocera has recently announced plans to expand its manufacturing infrastructure to essentially double its solar module production capacity. It announced three new plants in Mexico, Czechoslovakia and Japan. This expansion is part of a larger trend in the solar industry, as worldwide demand for solar electricity rises.

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