Sharp Solar

Sharp Solar is the #1 producer of solar cells in the world, every year since 2000. It has recently opened a large manufacturing facility in Memphis. Sharp's leadership in technology, from advances in many products including electronics, microwaves and more, is extended to the world of solar.

A History of Innovation

The Sharp Company is synonymous with electronic innovation. Some of its historical innovations:

Sharp products, like its LCD monitor, use 60% less power than conventional monitors. At Sharp, innovation, energy preservation and easy implementation go hand in hand.

Solar Innovation

In 1959, Sharp began its development of solar cells. In 1980, it was one of the first companies to introduce calculators powered by solar cells. In 1992, it developed high efficiency multi-crystalline solar cells, significantly cheaper to produce than previous solar cell technology.

Sharp is a leading innovator in making solar systems usable for the consumer. In 1994, it designed its first system specifically for home use. In 2003, Sharp Solar brought out a line of residential systems designed specifically for US users. Recently (March 2005), it has introduced a solar panel with the industry's highest energy conversion efficiency. The company will be able to produce 5,000 of these panels per month, starting in 2005.

Sharp Solar has also come up with the "System Design Center." This will make it much easier for consumers to work with Sharp's solar consultants to design and make solar power generation systems that fit their needs.

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