Shell Solar

Shell Solar has supplied about one fifth of the world's solar panels. Part of the Shell Group of companies, Shell Solar uses that significant financial backing to create a unique position in the world solar energy market. In October of 2004 all Shell companies were unified under one Board of Directors. Shell Solar has offices and facilities around the world, from Singapore to Amsterdam to Vancouver, Washington.

Shell Solar provides large scale solar systems around the world. For example, it has recently been contracted to provide a one megawatt installation at Wasco, California, using its patented "Single Axis Tracking System."

Shell's interest in solar arises out of its desire to provide people with clean energy. Shell does not believe that oil and gas reserves will run out any time soon, but the company recognizes that people want clean energy.

Shell has been involved in solar energy and solar innovation since the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Shell Solar is also very involved in off-grid systems. It aims to use its significant assets to help make solar products more easily usable for the end user. Shell is one of a number of companies that is concerned with sustainability, as it knows that fossil fuels contribute to climate change and the greenhouse effect. As part of Shell Solar's overall concern with people over "the market," it holds a yearly goal of reducing solar energy's cost by 5 percent.

Shell Solar is involved in renewable and alternative energies of all kinds, including wind, geothermal, bio-fuels and hydrogen.

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