Support for Solar Energy

Support for solar energy come from a surprising collection of people:

"We need more energy and that means diversifying our sources of supply away from the OPEC countries. There must be more spending by the energy industries on research and development of substitutes for fossil fuels. In years to come solar energy may provide much of the answer."
- Ronald Reagan, 1979, in his announcement of intention to seek the Republican nomination for Presidency.

"In California where we are famous for the sun, we are going to put the positive benefits of that sun to good use."
- Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2005.

"Solar energy will be a practical and cost efficient component of the United States' energy mix."
- Charles Bass, Republican, 2005, in response to the SEIA's Solar Roadmap.

"We will work with businesses and communities to use the sun's energy to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by installing solar panels on one million more roofs around our nation by 2010. Capturing the sun's warmth can help us to turn down the Earth's temperature."
- President Bill Clinton, in an address to the UN in June, 1997.

"The acceleration of renewable energy technologies and the increase in support for solar must be key ingredients to the Congress's plan for energy independence. I plan to aggressively pursue a sharper focus on energy efficiency and energy conservation."
- Congressman Zack Wamp, 2005, Tennessee Republican, also in response to the Solar Roadmap.

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