United Solar Ovonic has years of experience in photovoltaics, with over 350 U.S. patents. Today, its reputation continues to grow, based on its leadership in thin-film technologies and building integrated solar photovoltaics, though Uni-Solar is still active in all aspects of the solar industry. It has applications for off grid and remote locations, marine and camping solar kits, residential systems and remote solar power for monitoring stations.

Uni-Solar panels are even found in space, on the ocean and in the harshest weather of Antarctica. Uni-Solar has a unique 20 year warranty on all its solar panels' power output and a 5 year system warranty.

Uni-Solar is Unique

Uni-Kit is a unique Uni-Solar design, solar lighting systems designed specifically for remote homes and cabins, construction sites, and even remote villages. It's equipped with simple plug-in connections and a basic power controller.

Uni-Solar's Commercial Roofing systems are cost-effective solutions that look great, last long and will save you money on your energy bill-potentially lots of money, of course. The system even has a 20 year power warranty (about the same as most roofing shingles).

Uni-Solar's Home Shingles are laminated onto thin stainless steel roofing material.

Uni-Solar's manufacturing method is also unique. At the heart of their manufacturing plant is a machine the length of a football field that can produce nine miles of solar cells over a three day period. It's the world's largest thin-film solar cell production facility.

Uni-Solar is a leader in thin film (amorphous) solar technology, and one of the leaders in the solar industry today because it makes a product that people are willing to buy: solar energy that looks good.

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