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Solar power isn’t just the energy source of tomorrow – increasingly for people all over the world, in your country, and in your neighborhood, solar is the energy source of today. Below is a guide to a few of the solar energy-focused events taking place within the United States and around the world! For more information on any of these events, please click on the links in the table below.

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If you know of a solar energy event happening in your area, or if you are organizing an event that isn’t listed here, please email us the details (location, date, description and website URL) - it’s a great way to raise awareness of the technologies and of your event.

Solar Events Guide

4th International Conference on Integration of Renewable and Distributed Energy Resources

December 6-10, 2010 Albuquerque, NM

Knowledge-sharing among renewable energy (RE) and distributed energy resources (DES) researchers and practitioners is the goal of this conference. The primary focus of this conference is to identify the main barriers facing the field and discuss the potential for coordinating international programs between North America, Europe and Asia.

PHOTON Academy's Solar Terawatt-hours Conference Series

February 15-17, 2011 San Francisco, CA

PHOTON hosts two annual series of conferences, one in the U.S. and one in Europe. This year's event in San Francisco will feature conferences on PV Safety, Thin Film, PV Start-up Businesses and Solar Electric Utilities. The European series offers a slightly different lineup from April 12-14 in Berlin. The program is moderated by experts from PHOTON's editorial team.

Renewable Energy Exhibition

February 15-18, 2011 Lyon, France

Aimed at users and professionals, this annual event, which alternates between Paris and Lyon, features over a hundred exhibitors -- the majority being international. This exhibition is considered a reference event for the many sectors of renewable energy, including thermal solar and solar photovoltaic.

Thin Film Solar Summit Europe

March 3-4, 2011 Berlin, Germany

The key theme of this conference is making thin film technology more competitive in the solar energy market. Speakers will include manufacturers, suppliers, renewable energy companies, financial institutions and industry analysts.

Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo, Photovoltaics World Conference and Expo

March 8-10, 2011 Tampa, FL

The Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo runs concurrently with the Photovoltaics World Conference and Expo, and attendees have access to both events for one admission price. This well-established exposition is in its 8th year, and has sister conferences around the world.

PV America

April 3-5, 2011 Philadelphia, PA

PV America is a conference and trade show jointly presented by the Solar Energy Industries Association and the Solar Electric Power Association. It is a world-class and vertically integrated event with the broader focus of expanding the U.S. solar energy market. All proceeds of this conference go to solar research, education and advocacy programs.

European Solar Days

May 1-15, 2011 Cities across Europe

At least 15 European countries will participate in this 2-week campaign to raise public awareness for solar energy. For last year's European Solar Days, around 6,600 events were planned, ranging from educational projects in public schools to Open Door tours of solar energy manufacturers. This year is expected to be even bigger.

ASES National Solar Conference

May 17-21, 2011 Raleigh, NC

2011 will mark the 40th anniversary of this conference for solar energy professionals. Industry leaders will present on topics ranging from technology to policy to consumer education. This year's event is being held in Raleigh's LEED-certified convention center, in keeping with the American Solar Energy Society's green philosophy.

Renewable Energy World Europe 2011

June 7-9, 2011 Milan, Italy

The theme of this year's conference and trade show is "Addressing the Hot Button Issues." The event will run concurrently with POWER-GEN Europe and Nuclear Power Europe, putting all the major players in the European power industry under one roof.

Intersolar Europe

June 8-10, 2011 Munich, Germany

Intersolar is Europe's leading solar energy trade fair featuring hundreds of exhibitors for solar thermal, PV and solar architecture. This international event is mainly targeted at industry professionals, but many consumers attend as well.

SolarDay 2011

June 18, 2011 Various locations

SolarDay was founded in 2009 as a national and international day to recognize the importance of solar energy, clean technology and protecting the planet. The date is chosen to fall on the weekend before the summer solstice – the longest day of the year. Events were held in over 25 cities in 2010 and it is hoped that the event will gain even more public awareness this year.

Solar Decathlon

September 23-October 2, 2011 Washington, DC

20 collegiate teams from across the United States and around the world are invited to compete in this prestigious event. Teams design, build and operate solar-powered houses that are judged for their aesthetics, engineering, livability and energy-efficiency. These houses are open to the public during the competition and usually live on as private residences or public exhibitions afterwards. The U.S. Department of Energy has been holding the Solar Decathlon biennially in Washington D.C. since 2002.

ASES National Solar Tour

October 1, 2011 Various locations across America

The American Solar Energy Society presents the 16th annual National Solar Tour. Around 5,500 buildings across the United States will be open to the public on this day, allowing visitors to see how these green homes and buildings are using solar power and other innovative technologies to reduce energy bills and fight climate change. The tour is organized every year on the first Saturday of October as part of National Energy Awareness Month.

Solar Power International

October 17-20, 2011 Dallas, TX

Over 1,000 exhibitors and over 27,000 visitors make this trade show North America's largest B2B solar event. In addition to the workshops, seminars and exhibitions aimed at industry professionals, Solar Power International carries on its tradition of opening to the general public for one evening. Free admission on Public Night includes access to the exhibit hall and educational sessions designed for solar energy consumers.

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