Solar Clothing

Solar clothing is a neat idea with some promise, though the technology is still in its infancy. A number of new breakthroughs in ultra thin solar cells might make this a hot commodity in the near future.

A solar blouse that will charge your cell phone has been developed recently in Japan. A couple problems come to mind, though. According to product literature, you will have to spend two to three hours in the sun to get adequate charging. Haven't we been told that this is too long to be exposed to UV rays?

A solar powered jacket might be a bit more appealing.

The sun in fall or spring spits out just as many photons and not nearly as many UV rays. Still, one would have to keep ones back to the sun in order for the solar panel to work.

Solar panels are also found on the arms to allow the wearer to carry a backpack.

A solar cap is perhaps the niftiest idea.

A small solar panel powers a small fan: so the hotter it is, the faster the fan turns. In its current manifestation, it's genuinely geeky looking, but who knows what the future holds? Solar integrated into fabric, such as umbrellas or backpacks, is a more worthwhile idea.

Some day in the future, though, solar panels will be integrated (ahem, seamlessly) into clothing. Then you will carry a PDA with full movies, games and other neat features, and you will be able to watch or play anything anywhere, charging your battery as you do.

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