Solar Energy for Remote Locations

Solar energy is ideally used in situations where a remote source of power is needed and connection to the grid is too expensive. Some applications of solar energy in remote locations are as follows:

For example, solar photovoltaics is a cost-effective solution to the problem of installing cellphone bases and other communications stations in remote areas. Telecommunications repeater stations, which usually consist of a receiver and transmitter, are ideal situations for the use of a small solar electric system with a battery backup. Today, thousands of these systems are found around the world. In addition to their low costs at installation, they are also low maintenance in the long run.

This same cost effective approach is used to power traffic signs, remote lights and remote telephones.

At remote monitoring stations around the world, weather data is collected, and again the need for reliability, independence and cheap power make solar installations ideal. You can read a profile of remote solar energy use at a location.

Cathodic protection is a unique industry.

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