Solar Pool Heating for Different Pool Types

Of course, there are a number of different types of pools. A solar pool heater can be adapted to many different types of pools.

In ground vs. above ground

Above ground pools are particularly susceptible to temperature changes, as they are less insulated and often smaller. The addition of a solar pool heater to an above ground pool can extend the swimming season by several weeks or even months.

The addition of a solar pool heater to an in-ground pool will also lengthen the swimming season, especially when coupled with a solar blanket.

Solar pool heating for indoor pools and enclosed pools

Indoor pools that are used year round will require tiltable panels or panel mounting.

Solar pool heaters are particularly well suited to indoor pools, as these types of pools need to be heated year round. Regardless of how well the pool area itself is heated, the addition of a solar pool heater will greatly reduce heating costs.

An enclosed pool (where the enclosure is not heated) can also benefit from the use of a solar pool heating system, as this also will extend the swimming season. The heating of the pool will also depend on the design of the structure: a south-facing structure that is unshaded will acquire a lot of passive solar energy.

Even if you do not use a solar pool heater, you can still use a solar thermal water heater to heat your swimming pool.

Solar hot tub heaters may also be a special consideration.

And if you have the room for all those collectors:
Ideally, you would have a separate water heating system for each case where it is applicable - i.e. a solar thermal heating system for your household water, a solar pool heater for your pool and a solar hot tube heater for your hot tub or spa.

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