Solar Thermal Systems and Insurance

Most solar thermal systems are automatically covered by homeowner's insurance for storm damage. Check with your insurance company, just to be certain, though.

Make sure that your solar installer/contractor has insurance.

Insurance companies will be less likely to cover you for damage to your home caused by installation. Many states forbid anyone but state-licensed roofing contractors and/or solar contractors from installing solar thermal systems.

This is in your best interest: a state-licensed contractor will be required by law to have insurance covering any damage due to his or her negligence.

Some caution

One thing that insurance companies are not likely to cover is damage due to freezing. If you live in an area prone to freezing temperatures, purchase a system protected against freezing, probably a solar thermal glycol system using drainback systems.

In some very rare instances, you might find that your insurance company is unwilling to insure your solar thermal system or they might make it extra costly.

If this is the case, shop around for a company that is solar-friendly. Most are.

This applies to solar pool heaters, too.

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