Solar Pool Heating Case Study

If you think that solar pool heating isn't really practical, the following case study might convince you otherwise. This is the profile of a municipal pool in Canada.

North Bend Public Swimming Pool, B.C.

There's a new hot spot in North Bend, B.C. The town's 25-meter-long outdoor public swimming pool is the first in the Fraser Valley to install a solar heating system.

Taylor Munro Energy Systems, a solar water heating company based in Delta, B.C., designed and installed the system. Their crew of four installers did the bulk of the work over three days in May. Final commissioning of the system will occur before the pool opens for the season on June 15th, 2003.

With today's tight budgets, going solar is a practical way for municipalities to reduce operating costs, making more room for programming and maintenance expenses. The solar system at North Bend will save the community thousands of dollars in propane costs every year.

It will also contribute to the municipality's sustainability strategy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 300 tonnes over a 20 year lifetime. Solar collectors were installed on the roofs of two nearby buildings. The pool water passes through the solar collectors before going through the existing propane boiler. This design allows for as much solar energy as possible without relying on it entirely, meaning the pool can always be the right temperature while burning the least amount of propane.

The system uses 37 collectors, each 4'x12' long, making it about six times the size of a typical backyard pool system. The collectors are made of a special blend of plastics with UV inhibitors to make them last 20 years or more under the sun's powerful rays.

Homeowners can buy the same technology to reduce energy costs and increase property value. These systems typically cost from $3,000 to $6,000 and pay for themselves in under four years. Every year a residential solar pool system will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as taking a car off the road.

A Few Key Facts

This document taken from Canadian Solar Industries Association (bulletins/NB035s.pdf) "Solar Pool Heating for municipal swimming pools"
Printed with assistance from Natural Resources Canada
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