Solar4Scholars: Renewable Energy Jokes

What did the California wind farm say when it met Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger?
- We're big fans of yours!

What's the best way to charge a car battery?
- With a credit card.

What do you call a silly old man?
- A fossil fool.

What should they do to gas guzzlers?
- Lock them up in a fuel cell.

A Japanese solar panel, a German solar panel, and an American solar panel all walk into a bar. The bartender says, is this some kind of weird joke?

What did the 150 kilowatt Southwest Wind Power wind turbine say to the 15 kilowatt wind turbine?
- Trick question: Southwest Wind Power wind turbines don't talk. They whisper.

How can you grow your own power plant?
- Try planting a light bulb.

How many gorillas does it take to change a light bulb?
- Just one, but it takes a lot of light bulbs.

How many dyslexics does it change to take a light bulb?
- Eon.

No, really how many dyslexics does it change to take a light bulb?
They sure don't make fossil fuels like they used to.

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