Solar4Scholars: Solar Thermal Experiment

What you will need


  1. Cover one side of one jar with black tape (paint or paper).
  2. Cover one side of another jar with one of the silver (or white) materials.
    Note regarding these: if you use paint, wait for it to dry (half a day).
  3. Fill the jars with water that is the same temperature (perhaps from a jug, and preferably very cold). Record the temperature.
  4. Leave the jars out in the sunlight where they can collect solar energy. Both of the half-covered jars should be placed so that their covered sides face away from the sun. Leave the jars in a neutral colored area. Short green grass would be perfect.
  5. Record the temperatures every half hour or hour.


Which of them heats the fastest? Which is the slowest? Why, do you think?

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