Solar4Scholars: Stand-Alone Wind Systems

In places where there is a significant amount of wind, some people are able to provide some or all of their own energy. In other cases, they can use wind energy to cut down significantly on their electricity costs.

They harvest wind energy with a wind turbine. The turbine turns a generator that creates electricity. A typical wind turbine is made up of several basic parts:


Blades (also called airfoils) are turned by the wind.

The rotor is turned by the action of the blades.

A gear box, between the rotor and the generator, increase the rotor's energy output.

The generator produces electricity from the rotation of the rotor.

The nacelle is the 'shell' or housing that seals and protects the generator and gear box.

The tailvane catches the wind and directs the turbine to gather maximum wind energy.

The tower must be both tall and strong. It needs to be tall to catch high winds. Towers are often specially constructed, though some people do use telephone poles.

These can be secured with guy wires.

Small wind turbines are sometimes used at remote monitoring stations and in other similar cases.

You can read a case study of the wind in use small wind energy system.

We also have wind energy projects:

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