Solar4Scholars: Make your own Wind Gauge

These simple instructions come from the California government website, Energy Quest for kids. These are instructions for a simple wind gauge. This will indicate direction as well as some relative speeds. You can use this to determine where the wind blows the strongest, you can compare gauge readings.


  1. Print out the pattern using your Internet browser software.
  2. Trace the pattern onto cardboard.
  3. Cut out the light cardboard wind gauge.
  4. Tie thread or string in hole.
  5. Move gauge until thread is blowing the same way edge furthest from the string is pointing. This indicates wind direction. Keep pointing the gauge in that direction.
  6. Where the thread points along arc indicates a relative velocity. Make marks with a pen along the arc to show how hard the wind is blowing.

Left side toward direction wind is blowing from.
Bottom parallel to ground.

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