Wind Energy Effects on Society

The human race is proud of the many advances it has made over the past few centuries. However, much of that progress has been speeded by use of energies that burn quickly. For human development to continue as it has, we would benefit greatly from the use of energy sources that are renewable, infinite and cheap (or better yet, free).

Wind meets all these criteria, as do very few energy forms we now use. Some even argue that our current energy (fast burning and very finite) symbolizes the nature of our culture.

For humans to survive long term we need to start thinking long term.

In order for wind and solar energy to reach their potential, people need to concentrate on developing these energy forms. The growing amount of 'energy' devoted to these forms of energy seems to symbolize a hope for our world-- that people are beginning to think in the longer term.

In spite of the lack of societal support for wind energy, this form of energy has grown. This is for a few reasons.

One reason is that a small but growing number of people want to gain 'power' over their own power. In the same way, alternative medicine is growing because people want to have control over their own physical well being (and have a growing distrust of medical and pharmaceutical industries). The renewable energy industry benefits from people's desire to fully understand and have more control over their own lives.

To add to this, wind energy is really one of the simplest forms of energy to understand-wind turns a turbine that generates electricity.

The story of wind energy's continued development will most certainly be its integration into power generation. Wind farms are popping up all over the map, and they will do so for decades to come.

But the way that this has come about, through the efforts of a small, driven group of people who knew they were right, who believed in wind energy and worked alone to drive down its costs, remains a story of people taking control over their won destinies and shaping the destiny of the nation and of the world.

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