Bergey Windpower

You won't need to read too much about the wind industry before you come across the name Bergey. Mike Bergey has been a pioneer of the American wind industry since 1977. Bergey Windpower is the leading supplier of small wind turbines in the world, with installations in all 50 US states and over 100 countries.

Bergey Windpower is the recipient of two national design awards from the Society of the Plastics Industry. Bergey wind turbines and air foils have been featured in national and international magazines from Life to the Wall Street Journal to the New York Times. In fact, if you see a picture of a wind turbine, odds are that it's from Bergey Windpower.

Bergey has consistently been at the forefront of small windpower innovation. In 1990, Bergey introduced the BWC 1500 (a 1.5 kW turbine) along with the first wind electric water pumping systems on the market. In wind energy systems up to 10 kW, Bergey is the world's leading supplier.

Mike Bergey is also one of the leaders in wind energy, acclaimed within the industry as an adept spokesman for wind energy. Bergey has twice served as president of the American Wind Energy Association. He has served on the AWEA board since 1981 and also been chairman of AWEA's Small Turbine Committee, AWEA's Export Committee, and the U.S. Export Council for Renewable Energy. In 1994, Bergey was AWEA's "Wind Industry Man of the Year."

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