Stand Alone Inverters for Wind Energy Systems

A stand alone inverter is used in independent wind energy systems, "off grid." Stand alone wind energy systems might be used at remote locations (such as a cabin, cottage, for agriculture or at a monitoring station). This page assumes you already understand inverters.

Stand alone inverter sizes

Depending on your needs, inverters can come in a variety of sizes. A 10 kilowatt inverter could be used to independently manage the power to a house or small business.

Stand alone inverter kinds

For the purest, best form of power, you will require a pure sine wave inverter. These have come down in price in recent years and are now a practical purchase.

A modified or square sine wave inverter is still cheaper but it does not deliver as much power or energy that is as reliable.

Pure sine waves have much more "flow" to them. You could say their power has been "smoothed out" much more effectively. This is the same sine wave form delivered in conventional electricity, and you will need a pure sine wave inverter for your wind energy system if you hope to have reliable power or to power large appliances or tools.

If you do not require such a strong and consistent source of energy, then a modified or square sine wave inverter will do. The form of the wave is "choppier," and the power provided might also be choppy. The modified or square sine wave inverter is also called a multi-step or stepped inverter.

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