Wind Energy at Monitoring Sites (Case Study #3)

In many areas of the globe, weather, seismic and environmental conditions need to be monitored, in spite of remote locations and extreme weather conditions. In these cases, small solar and wind energy systems can be very helpful. Small wind power systems are portable, reliable and environmentally sensitive.

For example, in remote areas of Antarctica, weather and climate is monitored, despite the harsh conditions. Wind energy systems are used to power remote monitoring systems like these, instead of bringing in wires and high maintenance gas and diesel generators.

One system, set up in a place called Black Island, Antarctica, has been running without interruption since 1985. This is in spite of the fact that it has to withstand wind speeds up to 200 mph and temperatures as low as -70 degrees F. The environment within stations (where sensitive equipment was at work) had to remain above freezing and preferably in the range of 50 degrees F (powered solely by wind energy).

If the government bodies like the US Geological Society can trust wind energy to power their monitoring stations year round, you know that you can, too.

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