Wind Turbine Sizing

Two factors will contribute to the size of your wind turbine:

After you have your site assement to determine that it is indeed suitable, you need to get a complete assessment of these two factors. Choosing a supplier can certainly help you with this assessment, though you may want to do this on your own.

In most areas, it is unlikely that a wind energy system will provide all your energy. Most residences will require a turbine capacity between 1 and 5 kW. Farms or businesses will require at least 10 kW and perhaps as much as 50 kW, depending on the size and types of machines you have on site. Grid integration will give you a steady supply of energy, while your wind turbine will cut down on your energy cost. You may even be able to sell energy back to the utility company through net metering.

Our solar calculator will do fine in helping you assess your basic energy needs. A wind system sized to supply you with anywhere from 20% to 80% of your energy will be valuable.

Consider how well your energy consumption and wind energy availability match up. For example, if your use is erratic or especially concentrated for short periods of time, you will size your wind turbine much differently from someone with a consistent level of energy demand.

Off Grid Systems

Sizing a remote wind energy system is remarkably different from sizing a system for gird integration, as you will require all your power to be supplied. You can do this with an over-sized wind energy system or through a system that is hybridized with solar or some other renewable energy source.

You can use our solar calculator to determine your energy needs (the load). You need to match your system to be oversized for this, compensating for the wind's intermittence and storing energy in batteries, too, of course. Batteries (or a battery bank) should be at least big enough for you to go windless for three days. An even larger battery bank to be ready for even longer windless periods will of course be even better.

Choosing a supplier or wind system dealer that is well-experienced in such matters is a good start.

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